Top Event Management Software in 2021

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LeoSquad is a virtual workspace developed by Analogue Inc.

The advanced platform seeks to revolutionize the work-from-home experience for entrepreneurs which allows them to connect with employees and keep track of work online.

Event management with LeoSquad is way simpler and drives productivity efficiently. 

LeoSquad helps you with customer acquisition, retention, and brand-building through events.

Key features are management of registration and onsite check-in, event schedule, and email communication in one place.


  • Event Registration
  • Generate Leads
  • Issue Tickets
  • Email marketing
  • Integrated widgets
  • White label Branding
  • Social Media Integration
  • Event Dashboard


Wrike's incredible features and functions help you with how to use it well worth your time.

You may find the first setup difficult or overwhelming; nevertheless, there are many useful resources available, and support will be available to you at all times.

You'll be fine if you take the training and stay up with the software changes.\


Choose from a variety of event templates, each suited to a different style of gathering.

The event management template allows you to organize your event planning by breaking it down into stages, assigning due dates to tasks, and keeping track of progress on a graphic timeline.

Top Event Management Software in 2021 Source: assists teams in planning and executing projects together.

Everything can be organized and tracked in one visual, collaborative place. It is trusted by 580,000 people from 146 countries and 83,000 teams.

Discovery Channel, WeWork, Wix, Philips, Carlsberg, Rendered, Lightning Jar, Fiverr, Frost & Sullivan, and others are among the companies that use Monday.

Features: has a number of time-saving and productivity functions, including:


  • time tracking
  • automated notifications
  • customizable workflows
  • dependencies
  • timeline views
  • integrations


Whova, the best event app award winner for four years in a row at the Event Technology Awards, is a huge time saver for organizers, enhancing attendee involvement and networking.

It's perfect for conferences, trade exhibits, festivals, and art shows, as well as corporate, academic, government, and association events. American Express, Ford, Microsoft, Ikea, Hilton, and Le Meridien rely on it.


Whova can provide you with fantastic mobile event brochures in as little as one day.

A personal agenda, multi-track, and session management are all included in the app.

Never let yourself or your attendees get lost by using the interactive maps.

Your event will be paper-free thanks to Whova's bookmarking option for slides and booklets, which is environmentally friendly and easier for you to keep track of.


Everwall, formerly known as Tweetwall, allows you to collect and show a live social media feed on a giant screen at your event.

It powers social media walls for over 25k companies, including Toyota, Forbes, CNN, Microsoft, Citrix, Intel, Samsung, DocuSign, and others.


Everwall creates an alive, completely customizable social media wall that smoothly engages participants at your event.

It has a lot of choices for moderation, customization, and advertising.

You may choose from 12 different layouts and add your own logos, photos, colors, fonts, and other elements.

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