Top Calendar Apps in 2021 to Track Dates

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Our day's success is primarily determined by the quality of our planning.

Some people like to keep a list of forthcoming duties in a notebook so they don't forget anything, while others have long used digital technological solutions. 

Calendar software is among the most important tools for organizing our lives and carefully planning our time. 

Although many people have shifted to specific apps, other people still do not utilize calendars on a daily basis.

Some programs may be inconvenient to use, non-functional, or pricey. 

We'll look at the top calendar applications in this article to help you keep organized. 

LeoSquad Calendar

LeoSquad Calendar is a rather new application. It's a smart app that remembers your contacts, appointments, and tasks.

It also assists you in scheduling and organizing meetings based on your available time periods. 

The calendar has the advantage of being able to sync with other calendars you use. As a result, you'll be able to manage all of your calendars in one spot. 

The calendar also provides you with meeting metrics, allowing you to see how you can improve your time management. 


Top Calendar Apps in 2021 to Track Dates Source: Calendar

This calendar is directly linked to Any. Do, To-Do List is a unique combination of two programs. Calendar is simple to use, despite its extensive capabilities. The process of creating events is quite straightforward and quick. 

Furthermore, the application automatically adds contacts and geographical data to the entry description based on the event's name. You may even import your lists and entries. 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the official calendar for Android smartphones, and it has been thoroughly tested by a large number of people all around the world.

Consider altering your mind if you're currently trying to avoid it. 

Because this software comes pre-installed on the majority of Android smartphones, many users believe it offers nothing unique. They are mistaken. 

For several years, Google has been improving its calendar, and it now comes in Material Design with enhanced event capabilities, direct interaction with other Google services.

For example, support for reminders and Google Now.

Business Calendar

People that utilize their calendar for work and business task planning can benefit from Business Calendar. It has a variety of modes to choose from, as well as a lot of setting options. 

You can also switch to a multi-day viewing mode to observe how things will look in the coming days.

By scrolling up and down, you can move from month to month, and by checking a few days, you can see them in greater detail.  


aCalendar kicks off our list of the top 10 calendar apps on the market right now.

It is one of the most popular calendar apps on our list due to its appealing appearance, simple navigation, and excellent functionality. 

Color patterns for each case type (48 colors to pick from), different sorts of presentations, different widgets, moon phases, and much more are among the supplementary features. 

In terms of functionality, aCalendar is a dependable calendar program with a user-friendly interface and three display settings.

You may switch between the month, week, and day display modes by scrolling from side to side. 

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