Top 5 Resource Management Software in 2021

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The process of planning, allocating, and monitoring your resources in the most effective way possible is known as resource management.

You now have a better understanding of what resource management is. While resources are difficult to manage, there is software that performs the management task easily.

So, here's an overview of the best resource management solutions to assist you in getting the tool that's right for you.

  • LeoSquad

LeoSquad is amongst the most popular project management software in the world. This resource management solution includes everything you'll need to effectively manage project resources.

LeoSquad is the only tool you'll ever need for resource management, resource scheduling, or task management. You can use LeoSquad's resource management features to:

  • Clarify what to do in the task
  • A powerful search feature that filters information by projects, people, tags, etc.
  • Color-code projects to visualize your team's workload easily
  • Timesheet is pre-filled based on your work schedule
  • Works as a basic HR software that can schedule time off for your team members 
  • Create project budgets and track its costs or hours
  • Float

Float is a resource management application that makes it simple to create a resource plan or timeline.

It allows you to plan projects depending on your resource capacity and provides detailed reports on resource usage.

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  • Resource Guru

Resource Guru is a resource scheduling solution with asset management tools to assist you in keeping track of your resources. Some of the key features of a resource guru are:

  • Centralized client and project management solution
  • Resource availability bar that shows your free resources
  • Employee leave and other absence management
  •  LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is a project management and resource scheduling program that runs on the cloud. It has several functions, including project portfolio management, document management, time monitoring, etc.

A few of its key features are:

  • Customizable dashboards that display crucial project data 
  •  Automated resource leveling
  • Project time estimate settings
  • Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a project management tool that analyzes your resource utilization rates to assist you in planning and allocating resources. Mavenlink is like Keyedin projects, another project planning tool that allows you to forecast future resource needs and design capacity accordingly. Some of Mavenlink's core features are:

  • Resource utilization reports
  • File sharing among your team
  • Time and expenses tracking

Resource management can be a difficult task. However, there's no competent resource management program without handling any of them well.

Numerous resource management software applications may assist you with everything from resource planning and scheduling to resource-leveling. Since LeoSquad is one of the best, we recommend LeoSquad.

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