Things your Project Dashboard Should Have

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An ideal project dashboard is whatever you build according to your projects' and organization's needs and challenges. 

Real-time analytics should be available on project dashboards to show project managers and stakeholders the status of a project.

As a result, they will be able to make quick and informed decisions. 

Dashboards are made up of widgets that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including indicators, computed indicators, charts, histograms, and sectors.

In a nutshell, project dashboards are a collection of data, charts, and diagrams that track the progress of your project. 

Things your Project Dashboard Should Possess

Activity Tracking Widget

This widget displays a list of project-related activities, impending deadlines, and upcoming events, among other things.

It describes the activities of individual team members as well as the activity of the teams involved. 

Progress Reports & Status Widget

A project report and status widget allow employees working on the project to see the project's progress, status, workloads, and budget at a glance.

It also gives real-time resource allocation information. 


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Milestone Tracking Reports

The milestone tracking reports give you a birds-eye perspective of the project's current milestones as well as the milestones it needs to attain in the future. 

A description, start and end dates, and the name of the person in charge of getting things done are all included in the milestones. It provides a clear and quick view of a project's current status. 

Personal Todo List Widget

A personal to-do list widget is a simple checklist of chores that have been completed and things that need to be completed.

This widget assists the concerned team member in becoming more productive by allowing them to complete one task at a time. 

Task Status Widget

This widget sits in the middle of the activity monitoring and project progress widgets. It just displays a quick status of each of a project's main tasks. 

The task status widget offers detailed information on each task, whereas the activity tracking widget and the project progress widget provide broad information. 

Team Workload Status 

The team workload status reports on the workload of the team by period and task.

It gives specific information on allocated tasks, due dates, needed hours, and whether or not a team is overworked. 

Resource Allocation Widget

This widget is identical to the team workload status, but based on the criteria and indications you choose to personalize it, it can be different at the same time.

It gives a comprehensive picture of the resource commitments. It demonstrates how, where, and to what task resources are assigned. 

This is not an exhaustive list. As previously said, your project dashboard should be tailored to your specific goals and expectations. 

As a result, you can incorporate any reporting tool or widget that allows you to keep track of the project's progress to ensure that everything is running well. 

A project dashboard's main purpose is to deliver real-time and precise information that you can use to make informed decisions and keep your projects on schedule. 

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Leo The Lion