New Trends in Modern Project Delivery

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The events of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced businesses to reconsider their business practices. If surviving was the theme in 2020, I believe the topic in 2021 is recovering.  

The group of firms has begun their efforts to recover before the year 2020 expires.

This year, they should concentrate on constructing a solid foundation that will allow them to prosper in the post-pandemic future.

We've put together a list of the top 4 project management trends that will shape 2021 and help businesses regain traction. 

Project Management Trends in 2021

Increased Reliance on Remote Work and Distributed Teams

Hybrid teams can work at an office, from home, or a combination of the two. Companies are also realizing that work can be done effectively and efficiently even when everyone is working from home.

This has aided many businesses in their decision to form a fully distributed team. In 2021, more businesses will turn to the freelancing market to supplement their personnel.

This will help to balance overhead costs while also allowing the company to access a highly trained talent pool. 

Emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

This year's CSR initiatives will be focused on health and safety, the environment, livelihood, and financial stability.

These efforts will not only aid in the enhancement of a company's image.

It also assists enterprises in being the driving force behind the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for both businesses and citizens.

As project managers, you have the opportunity to shape and advance your CSR programs. 

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Increased Focus on Human Skills

Another thing we learned from 2020 is the need for empathy. While skills, ability, and competency are critical to a team's success, business leaders should place equal emphasis on developing human skills.

It's also critical that managers have the necessary human qualities to lead their staff. 

Empathy, trust, communication, teamwork, leadership, and adaptability are just a few of the critical human skills that leaders will be expected to possess this year and beyond. 

It's possible that some of your employees have been affected by unfortunate occurrences in the past year.

Your company may have started in a tough place as well. Leaders must rise to the occasion and motivate their teams.

This isn't just another trend in project management. It must be thoroughly embedded in the culture of your company.

As project managers, it is your obligation to ensure a safe working environment for your teams. 

Leverage Automation, AI, and Data Analytics for Project Management

In the last year, we've seen an increase in automation efforts as well as the usage of AI and data analytics.

This project management trend will continue to dominate in 2021, owing in part to the effects of the pandemic.

Resource planning, scheduling, budgeting, and project monitoring will all be automated to a greater extent by project managers. 

Most teams will use project management software that includes AI and data analytics tools. Upskilling in these areas will be investigated by project managers as well. 

Leo The Lion

Leo The Lion