Everything You Need to Know to Excel While Working from Home

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It has been a few months since I discovered that this was a difficult situation. Many of us are now required to work from home in order to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. Not everyone was delighted by the news. And it was through the experience that I realized that some people seem to enjoy putting on work attire and packing a sad desk meal.

Well, we got your back to defend against such situations with our tips on remote working. So here are some recommendations on how to work more efficiently from home, keep connected with your employees, and maybe even have fun.

  • Sleep Later

Here's what you should do first before starting to work from home. Be aware of your surroundings and get in front of a computer. As a starter, that's all I did. I get out of bed, start the coffeemaker, wash my face, brush my hair, change into a different t-shirt from the one I slept in, make a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee, and bring it to my desk. And so, my workday begins.

Well, this may sound crazy, but now that your home is your office, you should try to maintain a balance between your personal life and remote work. There is no reason for you to maintain a normal routine. Besides, you can take advantage of this opportunity for extra sleep.

  • Set up your desk as follows

Firstly, clean whatever area of your house you will be working in. Normally, my home desk includes a stack of bills to file, a few bottles of water, a few books, a pile of mail, and old newspapers. 

If you're anything like me, you need to change your way of handling your virtual workplace experience. Make your home desk appear to be a workstation. Have everything you would need at work with you like a phone charger, a box of chocolate to eat in breaks, a water bottle, a mug, pens, and paper.

  • Make your home a more pleasant place to be

Make the most of your extended stay at home, working remotely, by making it comfortable for yourself. Stock up on extra grocery basics for meals if you haven't already oil and butter, salt and spices, and things like canned tomatoes and garlic that appear in almost every dish. Keep the kitchen clean so you don't have to walk by a bunch of dirty dishes every time you want to get more coffee.

Leo The Lion

Leo The Lion