5 Most Common Project Management Mistakes

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As a project manager or leader, you are surrounded by numerous ideas, details, notices, and projects.

Therefore, you will certainly make errors along the way.

However, you can use strategies and activities to reduce the number of errors. Most of these errors are repeated in project management.

In this article, you will know about 5 of these common project management mistakes that can be resolved if you use LeoSquad virtual workplace.

  • Unclear project objectives

Setting specific project goals can help your team stay focused and give you an objective to refer back to when things get challenging.

Your main results will be difficult to compare to the project plan if you don't have these targets.

With a project management tool like LeoSquad, you can set goals and objectives and list the targets you're seeking to attain. Besides, your team can use LeoSquad to prioritize their work and create daily weekly, or monthly goals.

  • No clear process

It's possible that your team's failures aren't their fault. The processes in operation may be responsible.

Is your workflow well-organized and valuable to your work colleagues?

As the project manager, you will be halted as you respond to everyone's process inquiries. To help you with these queries, LeoSquad enters.

LeoSquad features dependencies, Gantt charts, checklists, and project layouts to assist you in controlling the operation before you begin.


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  • Not breaking up projects into manageable tasks

You can't just hand your team the idea and expect them to figure it out. That is solely a project manager's responsibility. You create the project plan, and your team carries it out.

On the other hand, the project manager may not always realize how much time a particular feature or design aspect will require, leaving a team member with a task that is too difficult for them.

To tackle this situation, suggest that each team member estimate the amount of time it will take to complete the task and then assign it from there.

  • Poor communication

Nothing slows a project back more than a lack of communication.

Suppose no one realizes their roles in a task, gain permissions, and understand the prioritized timeline. This way, finishing the work will be difficult.

However, Slack by LeoSquad helps you build a powerful communication channel by streamlining interaction and making it even easier than email.

  • Scope overdue

Scope overdue occurs when you add expanding time required and the product's capabilities at the same time.

A project manager must balance the significance of features and the time and resources required to complete the deliverables.

However, project managers who are unaware of this concept are making tremendous mistakes. This often occurs when the time and resources needed are underestimated and mismanaged.

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